Michelin chef Enrico Bartolini at the Palazzo Venart

The GLAM Restaurant and Bar

Upon entering the Palazzo Venart, you will find a private and discreet courtyard with magnolia trees shielding you from the Venetian sun with their cool foliage and sweet fragrant blooms. Set within this romantic enclave, you will find The GLAM restaurant. The latest creation of Michelin chef Enrico Bartolini, and his first in the Serenissima, GLAM can host up to 40 guests indoors or al fresco.

Serving classic Venetian fare using modern techniques with a contemporary twist, Enrico and his team have introduced this exciting new signature restaurant to the Venetian gastronomy scene.

Complemented by an extensive wine list and providing you with only the very best personally attentive service, GLAM, set within one of the most atmospheric properties in Venice, is even a destination in its own right. In 2017, this prestigious restaurant was awarded its first Michelin star for quality and style, thanks to Bartolini and our resident chef, Donato Ascani.

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The Glam Michelin Star

We are proud to announce that The GLAM Restaurant at the Palazzo Venart - Luxury Hotel has just achieved its first Michelin Star!!

Congratulations to Enrico Bartolini who now has the highest number of Michelin starred restaurants in Italy at the age of 37. With a grand total of 5 Michelin stars, some are calling him the Italian Ducasse.

Fine Dining at the Palazzo Venart Luxury Hotel in Venice

Twice-Michelin Starred Chef Enrico Bartolini at GLAM Restaurant

Chef Enrico Bartolini at GLAM Restaurant Palazzo venart Luxury Hotel in VeniceBorn in 1979 in Pistoia, Enrico Bartolini was brought up to appreciate fine dining and developed a passion for cooking at a very young age. At just 29, the chef picked up his first Michelin star - and a second was achieved only four years later.

In 2017 Chef Bartolini is celebrating the award of an additional three Michelin stars: for the Casual Ristorante, for La Trattoria Enrico Bartolini, and of course for the GLAM Restaurant at the Palazzo Venart Luxury Hotel!

The chef’s Contemporary Classic cuisine at the Palazzo Venart Luxury Hotel reflects his influences from across the world, using the fresh local ingredients Venice has to offer. From the sensation of taste to the incredible and memorable presentation, every meal at GLAM is a gratifying and engaging culinary experience.

Discover the flavours of Venice at the Palazzo Venart’s exclusive Michelin-starred GLAM restaurant.